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Helping a growing logistics company get noticed in a noisy industry.



Reilly International is a global logistics company with 80 terminals around the world and headquarters in Chicago. They are small but they are mighty and with a client roster of loyal clients - many of whom have been with Reilly for 20+ years.


When Reilly International CEO Vickie Reilly was invited to give the keynote address at the premiere global logistics summit in Dubai she couldn’t say no.  It was only when the event organizers suggested that she use the Reilly Company video as an introduction to her keynote that her blood ran cold… Reilly didn’t have a company video. In fact, Reilly didn’t have any marking materials at all.


When asked what success for this project would look like the Reilly leadership told us that they had a list of thirty prospects that they wanted to meet with and that success would mean meeting with ten would be a huge win. They handed out their video business cards they landed meetings with all thirty.

When the leadership at Reilly reached out to UPPER we had to take a big step backward into discovery. Over Reilly’s 30 year history the company culture, values, and brand had slowly been evolving and those cultural elements were passed on anecdotally and experientially. Our first step was to surface and define the essence of their brand.


UPPER hosted a half day workshop for 10 of their most senior leaders and at the end of the time together we had a list of simple words that when taken together represented the Reilly brand holistically.

"We love Upper Creative and felt that they really helped us to get the exact words out that brought our company to life. "

Vickie Reilly, CEO

Using that list we drafted a concept for the piece - a scripted/interview hybrid video to tell the story.


In working with Reilly leadership we recognized that we needed a delivery mechanism to make the video work beyond the initial keynote. “What if someone has to leave before the keynote?” Or “What if they arrive late”.

To ensure the Reilly would get the most mileage out of their video at the conference we created custom USB business cards that contained the video, a PDF with services, and all the necessary contact information to begin a relationship with Reilly International.

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