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Copy & Paste your best customers

For businesses who

Growth has stalled

New offerings

Leadership change

Low Closure rate

Paying Google Stupid tax

Wasting time on tire kickers

Refunding sales / unhappy customers

Unclear marketing

Weak company culture

What's a

Narrative Advantage

What if you could look inside and know what stories your very best client's are telling themselves about you? 


You'd know what they REALLY like, value, dislike, etc and have almost a God-like ability to attract clients just like your ideal clients... you'd have an advantage.


A Narrative Advantage.


This is huge! If you don't have this you don't have anything else.

Robert Cager

This is critical for anyone who buys into the notion that authenticity matters in business and life.


Knowing your Narrative Advantage, gives you command of your audience. You can now lead them where you would like for them to land.

David A. Gethers

four rules of inflential story telling

Learn how to tell memorable, stand-out stories using the four rules of influential story telling.

This battle tested method for storytelling is the very same one I have used to tell the stories of some of the most influential brands in the world.


Yes, I need to know my narrative Advantage

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Uncover the real reasons your clients love you, what messages you're sending, and gaps in your communications.


Transform the Discover findings into high effacacy, go-to-market strategic messaging.


Design and built physical and digital assets, campaigns, and attraction funnels to put you in front of the right audience.

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